Major points of our data policy

Remark, this is not a complete data policy, but only the main points that we want to explain. Full details in our Privacy Policy.

Which data we collect from an user who will visit your site?
Country for this, we send the ip to our server, but then delete it when we determine the country
Local Timezone offset from Greenwich.
Device This is just a boolean value. Is this a tablet / mobile / pc
Referrer url Just referral link
Last visited page Last visited page and time on it
Unique visitor This is a new visitor or he has already have been on your site.
Actions This can be a click or visit a specific page.
What are we doing to comply with GDPR?

1) We use data only for generating analytical reports.

2) We do not transfer data to third parties.

3) We delete or provide information available data at the request of the user.

4) We respect safe access.

5) We depersonalize all possible data.

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